Mark J. Clayton, PhD, Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University, USA

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In dual roles as professor in the Department of Architecture at Texas A&M University and CEO of SMARTreview Inc., Dr. Mark J. Clayton has created innovative technology in the AECO industry and promulgated expertise in computing to thousands of students. He earned architecture degrees from Virginia Tech and UCLA, producing the widely used Climate Consultant software for energy efficient design. His PhD dissertation, completed at Stanford University, describes a precursor to Building Information Modeling that was one of the first AECO software systems to make use of the World Wide Web.

Over the past 23 years at Texas A&M, Dr. Clayton has provided continuous leadership in education in information technology. He was instrumental in adoption of Wi-Fi, instatement of a computer ownership requirement, acquisition of digital fabrication equipment, arranging for free design software for students, adoption of Virtual Reality for architectural design, and adoption of BIM. He helped to found the seventeen-acre College of Architecture Fabrication Facility. He continues to teach courses in design, digital fabrication, research methods, and software development. He is the William M. Pena Endowed Professor of Information Management and the Director of the CRS Center, and holds the J. Thomas Regan Prize for Interdisciplinary Faculty.

As co-founder of SMARTreview Inc., he has guided the creation of software that checks a building against provisions of the International Building Code and produces a detailed report of compliance for aid in expediting the issuance of a building permit.

Jim Plume, Director, buildingSMART Australasia

Talk Title: IFC 4.3 – towards an open BIM exchange format for all built assets

Jim Plume pursued an academic career for over 30 years with a research & teaching focus on BIM across all the disciplines of the built environment. Since retirement in 2012, he continued his research interest in a funded project on Precinct Information Modelling with a focus on extending the concept of BIM (building information modelling) to the scale of urban precincts, specifically to facilitate the measurement, assessment and management of carbon impact to achieve sustainable built environments. That work was completed at the end of 2017.

Since retirement and in parallel with that funded research, Jim has concentrated his professional work on the development of open international standards that support sharing information about constructed assets. He has undertaken that work under the auspices of three international standards organisations: buildingSMART International (bSI), the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the International Standards Organisation (ISO). He is committed to the position that information modelling is applicable to all scales of the built environment throughout the entire life cycle, encompassing the notion of an integrated digital built environment accessible to all with appropriate privacy constraints in place.

He has served as a Director on the Board of buildingSMART Australasia over many years and is also a member of the Infrastructure Room Steering Committee for buildingSMART International, contributing to the development of international standards for information modelling of the built environment. He was lead author on a Position Paper for the Australian Commonwealth Government, written in collaboration with SIBA (Spatial Industry Business Association) and examining the relationship between construction and spatial modelling. He now co-chairs an international buildingSMART WG, working closely with OGC, to examine the role of standards across the building and spatial domains. Over the period 2017-2019, he led the bSI Common Schema project that supported a series of parallel projects to develop information exchange across the infrastructure sector (road, rail, bridge, tunnels, ports and waterways). Since the delivery of a harmonised IFC extension for those domains at the start of 2020, Jim has been a co-lead of the deployment project to validate and verify that work with the goal of delivering a bSI Final Standard during 2021.

Dr.Paul Coates, Lecturer, University of Salford UK

Talk Title: BIM, Language and Augmented Intelligence

Dr Stephen Paul Coates RIBA is an architect and BIM Specialist with over 30 years professional experience adapting technologies for the use in architectural practice. Projects undertaken range from small refurbishment projects to large infrastructure projects. Experience has been gained working in the UK and internationally working for central government and private practice. Working in practice Stephen has also developed Project Management Systems. Recent work has included the development of BIM methodologies and applications. As an academic Paul has been responsible for running the Architectural Technology and Design program and is a module leader on the MSc in BIM and Integrated Design. Research have involved working with industry and Phd students develop best practice standards.